Meet Gwyn King

Committed to Giving Our Children The Future They Deserve

Gwyn King kids

Invested in Our Future

As a mother of twins at Harman, Gwyn is invested in the quality of our schools. She attended a rural public school with limited resources and leaning on hard work and determination, eventually became a local physician. Now, as a member of the Oakwood family, she wants to funnel that same work ethic into creating the best educational experience possible for our children.

Gwyn King and her husband

Dedicated to Our Community

The COVID-19 pandemic was Gwyn’s first real glimpse into the poor communication and transparency between the board and its so-called “stakeholders”, feeding her desire to run for Oakwood school board. Our community is watching intently at how the board chooses to spend its money. Gwyn knows that if we pay more, we expect more. She is committed to increasing transparency in our spending, so that the community is able to understand the benefits of our hard-earned dollars.

Gwyn King and her family

Committed to Our Students

As a parent who was forced to find and fund private testing to diagnose her son’s dyslexia, Gwyn has learned that too many of our children have no access to the resources they need achieve what they’re capable of. She believes our schools should fight FOR our children, not against our parents. Gwyn is committed to ensuring our schools meet each student where they are, no matter if a child is performing where they should be—because it only matters if they are performing where they CAN be.

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